Calais Turbo Car Parts

Need any parts for your Calais Turbo? There are literally hundreds of different Calais Turbo parts for sale at any one time. Whether you're looking for basic maintenance parts such as oil filters, wiper blades, or brake pads just keep reading and we'll give you as much information as we can!

VL Turbo Kits

VL Turbo Kits

Kits for VL Calais' are available to turn them from N/As to Turbos. These kits will generally include a turbo, intercooler, all related piping, and other assorted parts required for the conversion.

Walkinshaw Seats

Walkinshaw seats and interior items are generally highly wanted items and as such if you're looking for a set yourself, you could end up paying top dollar. Remember to look around, if possible, and find the cheapest price for the best quality. Remember not to go cheap just to save a buck, especially if the quality of the seats aren't as good as if you were to pay that little bit extra.


We have more specific pages on other parts, the following is a list of the pages we have: