Calais Turbo For Sale

Wanting to join the ranks of us who own a Calais Turbo? A Turbo VL is one of the most popular cars amonst car enthusiasts in Australia. Calais Turbos are highly sought vehicles amongst younger people and as such, it may be harder for you to find that one perfect VL Calais.

As the VL is now over two decades old, when looking for one to buy, you have to check over them very carefully. They are susceptible to rust and general part failure or wear. Finding a mint condition Calais Turbo is a hard task and it's best to look at as many of them as you can to find the best deal as opposed to buying the first you lay your eyes on.

An alternate to buying a mint condition Calais is to buy an average condition one and do it up to your specification. This way is a great way to do it if you have the time, money, and if you're after a specific colour combination for the interior and exterior. It's also a great path to take if you're wanting to do something completely custom.

Another way to get your Calais is to do a mock up-- buy an Executive or Berlina and fit the Calais trim to it. Or just buy yourself a N/A Calais and fit a turbo kit to it.

V8 Calais For Sale

If you're after something truly unique, you can always go out and buy a 5L V8 and fit twin turbos to it. Others will shoehorn in a custom 5.7L LS3 or for the more ambitious, you can even try and squeeze in a Chevrolet Corvette 7L LS7!

Calais Projects For Sale

Calais Turbo Project Car

Sometimes going down the path of buying someone else's unfinished project is a great thing to do. Some people merely give up on their project, or are in need of the cash for another project or something completely unrelated. If you can pick up a person's unfinished Calais Turbo project for cheap, it can be something you can fix up to just the specs you want.

The picture to the right shows one of the project cars (not for sale) from Bresciani Racing. This car is intended for track use and drag racing and as such is equipped with roll cage, parachute, etc.