GM Option Codes

The following is a list of all of the GM option codes we could compile.
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Code Description
00L Secondary Color, Exterior, Prime
00U Primary Color, Exterior, Prime
01L Secondary Color, Exterior, Special (91)
01U Primary Color, Exterior, Special, (91)
02A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, Beige/garnet (93)
02L Secondary Color, Exterior, Special, Chart Not
02U Primary Color, Exterior, Special, Chart Not
04U Primary Color, Exterior, Flax Pearl, (92)
05P Wheel Color, Argent (91)
06A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, Dk Royal Blue/red
06P Wheel Color, Black/silver (91)
07A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, White/med Beechwood**
07P Wheel Color, Gray/red (91)
08A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, Dk Royal Blue/white
08Q Molding Color, Mary Kay Pink (91)
08U Primary Color, Exterior, Mary Kay Pink (91)
09A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, White/dk Sapphire
09U Primary Color, Exterior, Opaque White (91)
1.0 Trim Combination, Leather, Med Slate Gray (2)
103 Trim Combination, Leather, Arctic White (93)
10A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, Lt Gray/red (91)
10I Interior Trim, Arctic White (93)
10N Trim Combination, Vinyl, Arctic White (n) (93)
10P Wheel Color, Gray White (91)
10Q Molding Color, Arctic White (91)
10T Top Color, Arctic White (91)
10U Primary Color, Exterior, Arctic White (91)
112 Trim Combination, Leather, White (2) (91)
113 Trim Combination, Leather, White (3) (91)
114 Trim Combination, Leather, White (4) (91)
115 Trim Combination, Leather, White (5) (91)
116 Trim Combination, Leather, White (6) (91)
119 Seat Belt Color White (9) (91)
11A Stripe Color, Accent, Two Tone, Lt Royal Blue/garnet
11I Interior Trim, White (i) (92)
11N Trim Combination, Vinyl, White (n) (92)
11P Wheel Color, Pink (92)
11Q Molding Color, White
11U Primary Color, Exterior, Dk Willow Sage Met (95)
122 Trim Combination, Leather, Graphite (2) (92)
123 Trim Combination, Leather, Graphite (3) (92)
124 Trim Combination, Leather, Graphite (4) (92)
125 Trim Combination, Leather, Graphite (s) (92)
126 Trim Combination, Leather, Graphite (6) (92)
128 Trim Combination, Cloth, Graphite (b) (92)
129 Seat Belt Color, Graphite (92)
12A Stripe Color Accent Silver Met (91)
12B Trim Combination, Cloth, Graphite (b) (92)
12C Trim Combination, Cloth, Graphite (c) (92)
12D Trim Combination, Cloth, Graphite (d) (92)


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